Tii is ready to move to our 2021 Tour.

We have 6 dates for our Spring Tour of 2021.

Please let us know which event you will be attending.  info@thisisitdance.com

How will the 2021 Tour look!

With so much on the horizon unknow Tii has decided to be prepared for any eventuality, making sure you have a 2021 Competition no matter what!

Options Available for 2021 Tour!

Option #1:   Competition as usual – Wouldn’t  that be great but may not come to pass, we are ready for it however.

Option #2:  Competition in person at each venue done in ‘Recital Style’. Each studio is given a specific block in which to compete, audience is limited with 1 family member/dancer:  Live Stream will be avilable for all to use.

Option #3:   Competition runs virtually for each location.  Studios  will upload each dance from their studio.  Uploading video’s is just like uploading music, simple and quick. We are working to make our Virtual unprecedented.  We will update when all is decided. Just know that Competition will happen.

Option #4:  Competition is a mix of all of the above and we will be running a VIRTUAL COMPONENT at each and every city!  This is to make dance available to all compeitiors, regardless of location.  We do know that many studios do not yet want to travel and this is the perfect answer to their problem.  Awesome Virtual mixed with in-person on stage performances.

How will all this be judged:

Due to the costume problems presented this year, there will be no marks for costume.  Black Bodysuite acceptable dance performance attire.

Masks may or may not be required, however no marks will be deducted for wearing masks for a performance.  Safety First Always.

Live Stream Always Available

We wish you all the best, please stay Safe!

Remember:   The Show Must Go On!