About Us

This Is It Dance Competition is Ontario’s #1 choice. We provide an opportunity for young dance artists to perform, learn and grow in a safe & exciting environment.

At Tii, dancers display their talents and receive constructive criticism and thoughtful guidance from our amazing judges. We SEE the talent and passion in every performer that takes the stage, and recognize each dancer’s dedication to the art of dance. We strive to ensure that the entire community at each competition has a unique and memorable experience with Tii.

This Is It has commitment to excellence and assures a timely and organized dance competition, and of course, an unforgettable experience! The moment you step through the doors, your adventure at Tii begins…

As professional dancers, knowledgeable judges, dance teachers & directors, we commit to bring you the very best in dance competitions today. Our staff is carefully selected, and every effort is made to secure the best facilities available. Our love for the art of dance combined with our professional experience will ensure that you will build special memories. With our affiliation to The Chance 2 Dance Foundation you will not only have a fabulous dance experience but will be helping other dancers across Canada experience the same excitement. We are a fun, exciting and caring competition We BELIEVE that we can make a difference!

As we move into our 6th year we would like to thank all our parents and studios and are committed to bringing you an even better version of Tii.

We hope to see you at our 2025 Dance Tour. Be sure to check out our dates & locations and please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and inquiries.

We are the very best choice and the future of dance, where dancers learn, grow and achieve.



REMEMBER:  Throughout the season, a portion of all proceeds will go to The Chance 2 Dance Foundation, allowing the dancers to have an impact on their community.  What a wonderful way to give back, doing what we love to do……DANCE………