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88 Things to bring to a dance competition:

7 Valuable life lessons you learn from being a dancer

The seasoned Competitive Dance mom also carries:

  • Fabric softener dryer sheet for static control on both costumes and hair – rub it on your dancer’s tights and even hair. Throw them into a smelly pointe shoe or other smelly shoe bag to help with the aroma.

  • a stapler to hold a seam that was splitting (along with safety pins)

  • a small screwdriver

  • Scotch tape can be used as a lint brush, or to remove a shallow splinter in skin (or to help with a costume fix)

  • sticky Velcro tabs. In black, nude and clear and use them to fix hems, stick belts that are too long in place, keep collars from flapping around etc.

  • Baby powder for hard-to-get-on costumes when your dancer is sweaty

  • tagging gun (the one for attaching price tags) in place of safety pins. Tag a shirt to the bottoms so it doesn’t come up during performance, attached epaulets at the shoulders so they didn’t flop and  use it for temporary costume adjustments on a too big costume.